Disc Golf

Tee Pads: Cement - 1 per hole?
Holes: 9 [2 tee pads] Mach 5 - Short: 3 Medium: 11 Long: 4

Review by Nathan Batty

The course at Albany is set in North Park, a fair sized park on the Northside of North Lake. It has a fairly open layout reminiscent of the first 5 holes at Millstream. The course has 9 Mach5 baskets with dual trapezoidal concrete tee's similar in size to those at Millstream. It was designed to offer a full 18-hole round by making two circuits of the course.

Holes #1-9 play from the short tee's while holes #10-18 play from the long tee's. All baskets are marked with the hole numbers that correspond to that basket. There is also an excellent course map next to the tee for hole #1.  

Hole #1/#10 is an open 280-300 ft shot with the basket set in-between mature elms, it's a makeable ace run from either tee, solid birds should be the norm.

The 280-320ft Hole #2/#11 has the only water in play on the course from a small swampy pond to the left of the hole, which is more in play from the long tee as it forces you to throw over the corner of the pond.

Hole #3/#12 is the longest hole on the course at 550ft+, a straight, uphill shot with no trees, and a nicely mowed fairway leading to the basket.

Hole #4/#13 is a pretty 400ft+ downhill shot with the basket being protected by three medium sized pine trees.

Hole #5/#14 is another open, slightly downhill shot in the 350ft+ range.

The 500ft+ Hole #6/#15 is the toughest hole on the course as the fairway follows a path that double doglegs through some pretty thick scrub brush and small trees. It doglegs first 90 degrees to the right then 90 degrees to the left out into a field where the basket is set on the edge of a hill. A good tomahawk or thumber is the name of the game for this hole where pars could be a rarity.

Hole #7/#16 is another wide open, slightly downhill shot in the 400ft range, with the basket backed by mature pine trees.

Hole #8/#17 is a 200ft anhyzer around more mature pines.

The final 400ft+ hole #9/#18 is set in a small copse of mature tree's, it reminds me of the old #17 at Riverside. The low canopy makes this a more difficult shot than it looks, with a concrete and stone streambed halfway between the tee and basket, ready to catch any drives that tangle with the trees or rollers that catch an edge too early.  

All in all North Park is a very well laid-out course that utilizes the available space to provide as much length as possible. The dual tee's are a good way to increase the playability as they are placed to offer unique shots on each basket.