Storm Sewers

It is unlawful to pour rain or ground water into the sanitary sewer lines.  Sump pump water must be directed into the storm sewers or on lawn.  It is illegal to hook up your sump pump to the City's Sanitary Sewer. 

Discharge of Sump Pumps

The Albany Public Works Department would like to remind residents that the discharge of sump pumps into the City’s sanitary sewer system is a violation of City Ordinance 32 and subject to a fine. The discharge of sump pumps into the sanitary sewer system creates excessive flows that may exceed the design capacity of the sanitary sewer system. It also drives up the costs at the wastewater treatment plant which ultimately affects everyone’s sewer bills.  Sanitary sewer backups and the flooding of neighboring basements are also possible. All water that leaves your home from sinks, showers and toilets flows into the sanitary sewer system and ends up at the City’s wastewater treatment plant. Please direct all sump pump discharge water to a suitable outdoor location! Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Storm Drains
The Albany Public Works Department does routine cleaning and maintenance of the City's storm drains.  Storm drains go directly to the streams and lakes.  Do not blow any grass clippings and leaves in the street. Do not dump trash, debris, or liquids down the storm drains, gutters, or streets.  Please be aware of run-off from private property, such as soapy water from washing cars and water from over-watering lawns that have been fertilized, as this can also end up in our storm drains.   There are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly products for outdoor cleaning and landscape maintenance. If you witness any storm drains that are blocked, please notify the Albany Public Works Department at 845-2388 immediately so we can open up the drains as soon as possible to prevent street flooding.