Permits / Building and Zoning

Pursuant to City Ordinance 82, Building Code:  The Minnesota State Building Code, established pursuant to Minnesota Statutes 16B.59 to 16B.75, including all of the amendments, rules and regulations established, adopted and published from time to time by the Minnesota Commissioner of Administration, through the Building Codes and Standards Division is hereby adopted by reference with the exception of optional chapters, unless specifically adopted in this ordinance. The Minnesota State Building Code, a copy of which is on file in the office of the City Clerk Administrator, is hereby incorporated in this Ordinance as if fully set out herein. 
The Building Permit Division's function is to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens by ensuring that proper procedures and building codes are followed in the construction of structures throughout the City.  Before you dig, CALL GOPHER STATE!  Dial 811 or 1-800-252-1166 before you dig!

What is a building permit?  A building permit gives you legal permission to start construction of a building project in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. Building permits are very beneficial to you and the community. By working with a building inspector, you will benefit from their knowledge of the building codes to ensure your construction project is built right, will be safe and will last. Safe construction practices help protect you, you family, your friends and your investment. The Building Inspections staff is on your side.

Why are fees charged for a building permit?  Permit fees are based on the estimated cost of labor and materials and are collected to cover the cost of application, the review, and the inspections. A building inspector is available to you should you have any questions concerning your project. Records of your project are maintained to show that code requirements were met, and you will have the personal satisfaction of a job done right. Consider your inspector an ally who will help make your project a success.

How long does it take to get a permit?  The building official is generally in the Albany office on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It may take longer to get a permit for projects that require plan review such as: new home construction, decks, detached accessory buildings, etc.; if all of the required supporting information is complete. Please factor this approval process time into your projected start date.

How do I know if a building permit is required?
Building permits are required for new home, detached accessory buildings, home remodel projects, replacing a roof, windows, siding, decks, etc. 

When in doubt, it is always best to ask before you undertake a project.

Our Building Inspection Division will be happy to assist you.

Call our Residential Building Official Michael Friedrichs at 320-377-9029 with questions.

Call our Commercial Building Official, Bill Barber, at 612-270-4796 with questions.